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We at Bagolie Friedman, LLC send this message to our clients to provide information about our legal services during this time.

In line with protocols and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and out of an abundance of precaution we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close our offices effective March 18, 2020 we plan to resume operations on April 1, 2020.

Please note that all New Jersey courts are effectively closed for the foreseeable future and no cases can be heard or move forward through legal process at this time. However, we will continue to work remotely through teleconferencing. If you are preparing to submit materials or documents to us, please email them if you are able. Email documents to

In the meantime, if you need to discuss your claim with us or provide an update, please contact us via email and we will set up a time to speak with you. As always, we are available for any emergencies or new case consults all email requests for conference calls need to be sent to

We will keep you updated as any changes occur. Be assured we are on top of all situations and will continue to work with employers, doctors, and insurance companies to the benefit of all our clients. We wish you good health while we go through this together and ask for you patience during this national emergency.

We continue to appreciate your partnership and support.

We Handle

Injury Cases

Allergan Lawsuit Settlements

Breast Implants Recalled
Over Link to Cancer

Our Practice Areas

Auto Accidents

Injured in an auto accident? Bagolie Friedman have experience and success as Auto Accident Lawyers in Jersey City. Get the $$$ you deserve.


Dangerous Drugs

Bad or dangerous drugs have been found to cause harm. Consider Bagolie Friedman as your Dangerous Drug Lawyers in Jersey City.


Personal Injury Law

Injured? Slip and fall, physical injuries, accidents, and work injuries? Contact Bagolie Friedman Personal Injury Lawyers in Jersey City.

Line of Duty

Bagolie Friedman deals with Line of Duty injuries, representing First Responders, Police, Firefighters, and City Workers as Line of Duty Lawyers.

Nursing Home Abuse

Ricky Bagolie and Alan Friedman, handle Nursing Home Abuse cases know all aspects of Elderly Abuse Lawyers in New Jersey.

Defective Product Liability

If you have been seriously hurt by a malfunctioning product,  get a no-cost case evaluation from Bagolie Friedman, Defective Product Lawyers in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Other Areas of Practice

Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers handle many other areas of injury law. If you  or someone you know has been hurt or harmed in any way, please call us for a free consultation.

Contact Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers About Your Case – Right Now, Right Here!

Ricky Bagolie and Alan Friedman are ready to talk you. Let us know what your case is about, and we’ll discuss the possibilities.

Alan Friedman and Ricky Bagolie, Injury Trial Lawyers


Client Comments

Mr. Bagolie recently represented me in a small matter involving my Homeowner’s Association. Although my case was small – I was still treated with dignity and respect.

All meetings were conducted over the phone or internet and yet I felt I was given “kid glove” treatment. My case was settled quickly and favorably. I certainly would use Mr. Bagolie’s firm again and recommend to all that need legal help whether it be big or small.

Thank you again:
Ms Arlene Lyons

Boynton Beach Florida

Appreciate all your hard work, going to bat for us and bringing the case so expeditiously to a close . I recall you said on the day we met , it could take up to five years to resolve  but it’s only just been 3 years. Without your help – we would never have got this far .

We see adverts for injury lawyers on television all the time and one never thinks something could happen to you , however when it does , you can only thank your lucky stars you have someone such as yourself in your corner who assists you should it happen to you.

I can only Thank God I walked away with my life on that fateful day and yes there is still mental anguish that exists whenever a bus drives to close to me or thinking about the New Jersey Turnpike . However I am forever grateful to you and I will be putting the money to good use towards my tuition when I go back to studying a bit further next year .

Once again BIG THANKS Ricky !!

Thank you very much for all your hard work and all your efforts helping me win my case. You really did a Great! job As my attorney. You are patient, kind and  you took your time explaining to me the difference between workers comp and third party lawsuit . Also you listen to all my concerns and and took the extra steps that most  attorneys probably would not have taken . I am greatly appreciative of everything you did for me.  I pray that it is utilize wisely and invested well. I take nothing for granted  you did hard work you have a good heart  God bless you.

I am looking forward to the reopening this case after my last workers comp check. The state had no concern about my health.
Thanks again,