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Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers handles all types of accident cases, such as auto accidents, truck accidents, work accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other accidents that have caused injury.

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Airbag Failure

airbag Failure 1With the availability of airbags in a growing number of car models, countless lives and serious injuries have been prevented. Over the years, technological advances have improved the efficiency of airbags, but airbag failures have still occurred. When...

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Auto Accident

With more cars on the road than ever and even more things now to distract drivers, auto accidents are anything but a rare event in the New Jersey. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 583 car accidents in 2009. While most of...

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Truck Accidents

Due to their large size, semi truck accidents are often the worst kind of automotive accidents. When they occur, the results are often devastating when a car, light truck, or a motorcycle is involved. For this reason, states including New Jersey have special rules...

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Roof Crush

Roof crush causes over 10,000 fatal injuries each year in rollover crashes. Roof crushes are most often caused by a vehicle rollover. Vehicles are designed to have a structural support system by creating a survival space in order to protect the occupants that are in a...

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