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New Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse Laws May Hurt Your Family

From the Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers March 2017 Newsletter It’s already hard enough in many states to hold accountable those responsible for medical errors at nursing homes, clinics and hospitals. But a new bill now before the U.S. Congress will make it even harder, and in some

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Sudden Acceleration

Sudden accelaration is a rapid, unintended acceleration that occurs any time after the ignition is engaged. This sudden acceleration has been experienced by people in various vehicle models after putting their cars in drive or reverse. Oftentimes, the breaks cannot work quickly enough to avoid a crash.

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Roof Crush

Roof crush causes over 10,000 fatal injuries each year in rollover crashes. Roof crushes are most often caused by a vehicle rollover. Vehicles are designed to have a structural support system by creating a survival space in order to protect the occupants that are in a crash

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Defective Seat Belts

The national average for seat belt use is at a high of 71%. The increased use of the safety restraints come after a $3.7 million campaign called "Click It or Ticket." This program used paid advertising from public and private funds that warned communities that law enforcement

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Defective Child Safety Seats

Children are seriously injured and killed in vehicle collisions because of defective child safety seats. By overlooking a defective manufacturing or design feature in the child seat hundreds of children are endangered every time they are in a vehicle. Most vehicles are not equipped for child safety

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