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Social Security Disability Claims Lawyer

What is Social Security Disability? If you have a disease, condition or disability that limits or prevents you from employment, you may be eligible to receive government assistance in the form of Social Security Disability benefits (SSD). SSD provides cash benefits on a monthly basis for persons

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Depuy Hip Replacement Lawsuit

It has come to our attention, that the Depuy Hip replacement is defective, and has caused extreme suffering and pain to hundreds of people, who had the Depuy Hip replacement device used in surgery. Very serious problems have occurred with the Hip replacement. The defects were first

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Dog Bite / Animal Attack

Animal attacks are violent and costly. The Center for Disease Control reports that, annually, 4.5 million people are attacked and injured by dogs. Twenty percent of these victims must be treated by doctors. Although other animal attacks are less common, domestic animals such as ferrets, cats, or

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Lead Paint Poisoning

Exposure to lead comes from several sources, primarily the paint used in housing, leaded gasoline, and lead-contaminated drinking water. Of these sources, lead paint and lead paint dust are the most common. Lead paint dust is actually more dangerous than lead paint chips because smaller particles of

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Personal Injury

What is a Personal Injury case? A personal injury case includes almost any wrong done to you or your property by someone else. Your injuries could include an injury to your person or family member, damage to your property, or emotional distress. Many personal injury cases involve

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